Sirens Serenade Slot Review: Bet and Features

Are you looking for the Sirens Serenade slot review? This game is a shipwreck themed slot machine from Saucify, and it will be largely influenced by the stories of Ancient Greece, particularly the call of the sirens. 

Sirens used to sing to lure sailors to their deaths as they approached islands and hit the rocks. It’s an old story, but it works well for a slot machine, especially because it’s not something you’d find in other games.

A Brief of Sirens Serenade Slot Review

A Brief of Sirens Serenade Slot Review

Siren’s Serenade is a slot machine with 5×3 reels and 25 active lines. The payouts are quite huge, up to 3,000 times the stake, but that’s typical of a game with medium or even high volatility. 

The game’s best features will include scatters, free spins, a double-stacked wild symbol, and a 2x multiplier, so the options presented here are relatively standard.

1. Wagering Options

Wagers in Siren’s Serenade can be placed on up to 25 lines, with 1 to 5 coins available for each. These coins are available in denominations ranging from $0.01 to $0.25. Each line can be wagered up to $1.25, with a maximum bet of $31.25 each spin.

You want the Siren Wilds to appear on all reels and cover every open position, as this will give you the slot’s best payout of 1,500x your stake. Do the same thing, except in the free spins, for a 3,000x multiplier on your wins. Regular symbols can’t even come close to it, with the highest payout being 800x the stake.

2. Game Features

The scattered game logo, one of the most common symbols in the features list, will award prizes, but that’s all there is to it. If you get 3, 4, or 5 of these symbols, you’ll win 3x, 25x, or 50x your bet.

Second, there’s the wild symbol, which depicts the lovely Siren. It’s stacked, but only two symbols high, so it can’t cover the entire reel unless two connected wilds appear. Because they pay up to 1,500 coins on every line that they cover, these wilds are responsible for the slot’s finest combos.

Free spins are triggered by the second scatter symbol, which is a picture of the Rocks. It’s simply necessary for these to appear a specific amount of times; the exact placement isn’t necessary. 10, 14, or 18 free spins are awarded when three, four, or five symbols appear. All wins in this mode are multiplied by two. 

You can obtain the highest prizes in Siren’s Serenade at this time, up to 3,000x your stake, if you get enough wilds to fill all 25 lines.

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3. Design and Theme

Sirens Serenade Slot

Siren’s Serenade is based on legends from Greek mythology about sirens sitting on beaches singing sweet songs that hypnotized sailors and caused them to steer their ships towards the rocky islands. They were shipwrecked and died there. 

The Siren is a wild symbol, and the Rocks appear on one of the scatters, while the game logo appears on the other. Regular symbols depict a ship with rowers, also known as a trireme, as well as sails, flags, maps, rows, and four Royals.

Final Words

In conclusion of Sirens Serenade slot review which you can try on gambling sites like Elangwin, it may appear old, but it doesn’t make it any less of a viable option for fans of Ancient Greek mythology. The new slot has a number of great features, but it isn’t really unique or intriguing.