What the Bible Says About Gambling

What the Bible Says About Gambling? The bible is a source of wisdom that many people seek to. Especially if they are in need of insights and help on what to do. The bible says a lot about gambling and it also talks a lot about sins.

As you might know, gambling is a sin and it is very important for Christians to understand.

There are many reasons why gambling is a sin. The bible have repeatedly talked about how gambling is a sin. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular verses online.

From these verses you could learn whether or not gambling is a sin to you.

What the Bible Says About Gambling?

What the Bible Says About Gambling

This article was actually created because there are so many online gambling sites on the internet. Offer things that are sometimes hard to resist. However, the facts about the dangers of addiction are always there.

According to the Christian religion, gambling is always a taboo. People see gambling as a taboo because it is a destructive thing. So stick with us to learn about what the bible says about gambling.

Hebrews 13:5

The first verse that would look into is Hebrews 13:5. This verse talks specifically about gambling. In Hebrews, God mentioned that a person needs to live a free life. A life that is not stuck on any type of monetary value. For example in this case it is money. Living with money in your mind will only make you into a person that heavily relies on money to be happy.

Happiness should come from God and should not be relied on materialistic things. This is the main point of Hebrews 13: 5. In this verse, God also mentioned another thing. God said that you will be given fulfillment when you follow his path. This is better than following any materialistic thing in this world.

Mark 8: 36

Next up, we are going to talk about a verse from Mark 8: 36. This verse says that you can gain money, but not in the way of gambling. Gambling is portrayed as a very toxic thing. In order for you to win, you have to sacrifice your mind because you might get addicted to gambling. Gambling is seen such as a poison in someone’s life. In order for you to gain money in a good way, then you need to do it in other ways.

The bible says in Mark 8: 36 that there is no point in profit if you lose your soul. Losing your soul in this verse means that you fall into soul. When you keep on playing, you would put everything else on top. You would lose priority of God, family, and the people that loves you. Beware that gambling is a sin and that you can lose your soul. Just find a better way to get money instead of gambling.

Ecclesiates 5: 10

God teaches us that happiness only comes from the Almighty God. As humans, we tend to look for happiness to fill in the void inside us. But then, anyone who loves money too much will never be satisfied. People will have a tolerance on what is known as euphoric tolerance. If you get too addicted with money, then your happiness will be based on money. This is what the bible is trying to prevent you from doing.

Loving your money too much will never satisfy you. It may fill your heart temporarily. But on the long run, you could only be filled with happiness if you seek God.

Luke 12: 15

Luke is also a great place to find the best verses. It may not always be accurate that the bible is talking about gambling. But a huge part of the bible is when they talk about the bible. The bible explains that too much of one thing is never good. This is especially true if a person is too focused on their possession.

Obsession with one’s possession is a bad thing to have. A person will never be able to keep their abundance forever. It is important to understand that the only thing that is forever is your relationship with God.

Exodus 20: 17

The 10th Commandment also talks about gambling. Within the 10th commandment in exodus 20:17, it was told that the root of our problems are money and gambling. People often prioritizing the wrong thing. The reason people play gambling is because they are not always fulfilled. So instead, they go to and gamble in casinos.

People are always pursuing new ways to make money. They are mostly desperate and they want to do it quickly. This is also correlated to the love of money verse that is from Timothy.

Timothy explained that money is the root of all evil. When people gamble, they tend to do things such as drink alcohol, do a lot of crimes, and so much more. People will keep on doing things that they are forced to. This makes people more susceptible to doing a lot of crime.

Matthew 6: 21

A person can have a lot of things that they value a lot. This is called as treasures. A verse from Matthew 6: 21 mentions that where your treasure belong is where your heart belongs. But when your treasure is too dangerous, then you are going to put your heart into gambling.

Placing your heart, time, and focus on gambling makes you a person that is treasuring gambling. Treasuring gambling is a sin. This is because you put everything into gambling.


The bible has mentioned a lot about gambling. All in all, the bible’s focus is placed on the fact that  people need to always put God first. Putting God second or even third is a bad priority. We could see that money or any type of treasure will corrupt the mind of the people. When the mind is corrupted, people would even do bad things. Such as committing crime, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, drugs, and so much more. It could even lead a family’s life into poverty.