The Risks and Dangers of Playing Online Togel (lottery) That You Must Know

Playing any online gambling will certainly have a negative impact on the players, including a gambling game called online togel, a kind of online lottery. Behind the charm that is said to make players rich in an instant way, it turns out that the lottery game saves a lot of risks for the players.

Well, on this occasion, we will review these risks complete by treating addiction to this lottery online gambling game. The following is the full review.


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Before continuing to talk about the risks of playing online gambling, let’s explore a little about online gambling on this one. Maybe this is how modern online casinos work and maybe not many of you know the origin of this word lottery.

The word lottery actually comes from 2 words toto and dark. Toto itself is a type of numbers lottery game that was first introduced in Singapore. Meanwhile, the word dark from the lottery represents illegal activities or activities. 

So if defined simply, lottery is a type of number lottery game that is closed or carried out illegally.

Previously, the lottery game was only famous in the country and was played in Singapore, but since the development of the internet has grown rapidly. This one gambling game was finally made in an online version which made it able to be played by many people from various places.

In Indonesia, this type of online gambling can be said to be famous. This can be proven by the increasing number of online gamblers born and also the emergence of Indonesian lottery betting agent sites on Internet searches.

As for the rules of play, this online gambling game from Singapore has simple and easy to understand rules, where players who join in bets must place bets for several serial numbers on the upcoming lottery output numbers.


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Back to the main topic. As mentioned earlier, playing this lottery gambling has many negative effects for the players. One of them is related to your financial health.

Even though it is considered one type of online gambling with minimal stakes. But still online lottery is an activity of wasting money for nothing. Especially if you have to remember that this gambling game has a low probability of winning, where there is no definite formula for predicting the lottery numbers that will come out.

Even if you win at this gambling, it will only get worse. It will be even more difficult for you to stop gambling, because you have tasted the forbidden sweet fruit, which is getting money instantly. 

After tasting this forbidden fruit, it is likely that you will continue to play even though you have lost many. Bad financial conditions and also depression will be ready to wait for you at the end of the story.

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Although not too much is discussed on the internet, actually playing gambling, including online gambling, can cause players to experience mental health problems. This can be proven through several data and also tested research, one of which comes from The National Gambling Helpline in England.

This gambling addiction management institute states that there are more than 15 thousand complaints entered each year concerning gamblers who experience indications of mental health problems.

Not only that, a researcher from Kyoto University, Japan, revealed that gambling players have a tendency to have low profit and loss assessment abilities. This is also accompanied by a high potential for experiencing anxiety disorders. Therefore, you need to learn how to stop gambling to prevent this mental illness that caused by addiction.

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Apart from a mental health perspective, playing lottery and online gambling can also threaten the security of your personal data. How did this happen ?. Before you can play the lottery on a gambling site, you will be required to create a player account first.

When you decide to register, provide your personal data such as name, email phone number and bank account number. So that’s when the actual data theft process is taking place.

The personal data you provide can be used for illegal activities or hacked. Another possibility that can also happen is that your personal data will be sold to certain parties (generally for marketing targets). 

Another danger that is no less scary is the possibility of your laptop or computer being attacked by malware.

Most online lottery playing sites contain advertisements with scripts containing malware. This script allows your laptop / computer to download and install certain illegal software without your permission.

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Compared to other online gambling, lottery can be said to be one that can be done with a small capital. 

Even though it only requires a small amount of capital, if done continuously, your financial strength will certainly slowly collapse. Especially if you rarely or never win a bet. 

The collapse of financial strength itself can cause many problems in the future, ranging from the inability to destroy household harmony due to not meeting your needs to the potential for you to be in debt.


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Regarding online gambling, including online lottery agents, there are still many people who are wrong about the legality of online gambling. Unlike the countries where this gambling game originated, where this game has been legalized. In Indonesia, the legality of this gambling game is still illegal.

Simply put, online gambling activity is still an act against the law, even if you don’t play it directly or conventionally. This is clearly stated in Article 27 Paragraph 2 of the ITE Law. 

In this article, it is explained that anyone who distributes or accesses information with content containing gambling will receive a criminal threat in the form of imprisonment for 6 years (maximum) and / or a fine of IDR 1 billion (maximum).

In Indonesia alone, the police are quite active and arrest many online bookies every year. 


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The possibility of becoming a victim of online fraud is another risk that you must face when deciding to play the lottery online. Why is that?. 

A fact for you to know, that most of the lottery or qq sites online are scammer sites, aka scams. Visiting or even playing on these kinds of sites can make you a target for scams.

Many sites use trusted lottery bookie sites. But therein implements an unfair game system. And tends to harm the players. Where the potential for winning is very little. So that players have a big chance of losing. 

Not only that, some of the online gambling sites are fake, and even illegitimate. The alias does not pay reward money to players who succeed in winning bets. 

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Generally, people who are addicted to playing online gambling, including online lottery, will show several characteristics or symptoms. Some of these symptoms are as follows:

  • Financial difficulties and frequent debt 

One of the clear characteristics of someone who is experiencing addiction to online lottery is suddenly experiencing financial difficulties which make him often borrow money. 

Playing gambling certainly requires capital to bet on, many gambling players are carried away with excitement and end up spending their money quickly.

As a result, they also experience financial difficulties and will usually take the option of borrowing from friends or relatives. Not to make ends meet, but to get back down to the betting betting table.

  • Looks Stressed And Easily Angry
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As previously stated, online gambling can cause mental disorders in players. People who are addicted to online lottery gambling will tend to get emotional easily, even if it only involves trivial issues.

Not only that, those who are addicted to lottery gambling and often experience defeat will look lethargic and depressed, because they have lost a lot of money and are experiencing financial difficulties.

  • Low Logic Ability

Too often playing online gambling will slowly decrease one’s logical abilities. Someone who is addicted to online lottery gambling will be less good at using their logic, especially when it comes to considering things related to profit and loss.

If you have friends or relatives who experience this condition, there is a possibility that your friend or relative is experiencing gambling addiction.

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As a step to anticipate that you are not dragged into the flow of online gambling, there are some easy tips for you to apply. Here are some of these tips.

  • Gather with people with positive influences

One of the reasons people get caught up in online gambling problems is due to the wrong environment or association. When you join an environment of people who like to play gambling, it is very likely that you will be carried away to try this online lottery gambling game.

Try to hang out with people who have a positive mindset, so that they can prevent you from the temptation of online gambling and shape your character for the better.

  • Handle Your Finances Well

Sometimes holding a lot of money can actually be a boomerang for yourself, where you can be tempted to waste the money you have. For this problem, you can try to solve it by asking family or someone you trust to manage your finances.

Ask your family or friends to save the excess money you have and give money to you according to your needs only. This is also very effective for those of you who want to save money.

  • Get Closer to God 

When a person has a close relationship with God, it will be impossible for him to do something that is prohibited in religion, such as gambling. 

If you don’t currently have a good relationship with your creator, try to improve that relationship. Start by improving the timeliness and quality of your worship, then this will have a positive impact on you.

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For those of you who are already addicted to playing online lottery gambling, you should immediately take steps to overcome your addiction before it gets worse. The following steps will help you:

  • Round Your Determination To Quit

Determination and belief is one of the greatest strengths in yourself. The first thing you need to do is find the confidence that you really want to quit this online gambling world.

One of the ways you can achieve this determination is to examine yourself. Try to remember what changed from your life after getting to know the world of gambling and compare it with your previous life.

  • Permanently Block Access to Online Gambling Sites

After you are sure of your decision to stop gambling, the next step is to permanently block all your access to online gambling sites. For this part, you can do this using several free applications such as Foxfilter or Family Shield.

But you should ask an IT person for help to block the site directly on your internet network, precisely on the proxy. By blocking the site on its network, you will no longer be able to access the site.

  • Find Useful Activities To Do

To be able to take your mind off online gambling, try to find some useful new activities that you can do, for example attending recitation or skills development communities. 

You can also try to get back to your old hobbies that you left behind. This one step will have a good effect and help improve your lifestyle.

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If you have difficulty applying the tips for overcoming online gambling addiction outlined earlier, this may be a sign that your addiction level has entered an alarming stage. 

In order to tackle addiction at this alarming level, you will need medical treatment. Try going to a rehabilitation center for therapy to treat your addiction.

Generally, the treatment given to people who experience online gambling addiction is CBT therapy or better known as cognitive behavioral therapy. In this therapy, you will be assisted by a therapist who will play a role in building your determination to gamble.

In addition, the therapist will teach you to develop cognitive skills for your desire to gamble.


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The last recommended way to treat addiction or addiction to playing online lottery gambling is to take a number of drugs. The addiction to playing online gambling is closely related to the presence of dopamine imbalance. 

This dopamine imbalance causes online gambling addicts to get an excess of happiness coupled with tension when playing gambling. For this reason, taking a number of drugs that can improve dopamine balance will be able to help.

Generally, drugs that can be consumed to restore dopamine balance are SSRIs. This drug is a type of antidepressant that can suppress and affect serotonin absorption in the brain.

Apart from SSRIs, other drugs that can also be used are naltrexone and nalmefene. Both are opium antagonist-type drugs that can reduce the sensation of excess happiness. This is related to the sensation of being happy when playing gambling.

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But as an important note before using the drugs mentioned above, of course you should discuss it first with a psychiatrist or doctor. 

As additional information, the drugs mentioned above are drugs that are usually prescribed by psychiatrists to treat gambling addiction in their patients.

That is a brief discussion of the risks of playing the lottery online along with ways to overcome this type of gambling addiction. Hopefully this can be useful for those of you who want to immediately stop playing this online gambling.

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