Travel Experience Playing Casino Games of chance in Macau

Travel experience playing casino games of chance in Macau. Our 24 hours in Macau offer an experience like no other. There are so many interesting tourist attractions. A large number of gambling venues also have parties in various clubs that should not be missed. Here’s from that one very exciting day in Macau !.

Macau is a very complete travel destination. The location is not far from Hong Kong city. And that also makes this region one of the most popular destinations for travelers in Indonesia. During the day you can explore the very majestic and historical building. And at night, please go in and out of the casino and party until morning comes.

From a travel guide from China, this area on the coast of China can be explored from the south in just one day on Thursday (March 28, 2013). The first destination was the Temple of A Ma, which was built in 1488 during the Ming Dynasty era. Another place in history is the Moorish barracks. What is there is 2 centuries old and also has two of these architectural styles, namely from India and England.

This is from a very good selfie spot in Macau and has also been a UNESCO Historic Site since 2005. During the day, you can also come to Jalan Senado Square, Macau’s old town. It is also the center of shopping tourism in Macau. Unique are the buildings that are lined up within Senado Square, a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese culture.

Many Historical Sites near the Macau Casino

Travel Experience Playing Casino Games of chance in Macau

Don’t miss the ruins of St. Paul’s Church which is also very iconic. Try the Portuguese egg tart to eat there. It is a food relic of the Portuguese in ancient times. This Portuguese from Egg-Tart is a pancake with a cake crust on the outside. It was with egg pudding cake in it.

Satisfied with the food, now is the time to visit the Macau Tower. The Macau Tower is also up to 338 meters high. It is and is the eighth highest tower in Asia. You can also enter the tower and there is a path to the top 61st floor.

There you can see the side of Macau like the Peal Delta River and also Taipa in the Coloane Islands. The tower is also open from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. And every Monday through Friday with MOP 120 tickets there are around 145,000.

Lots of Entertainment Options near Casino

Not only that, there are plenty of casinos along the street too. There is also Casino Lisboa, Casino Grand Lisboa, Casino Wynn, and Casino Sands. Come right in and enjoy the excitement and grandeur. Remember, you still have a long night in Macau.

Well, this casino is the most famous at the time and is from Macau, Venetian. This is also the largest existing casino imitating Venice in Italy, complete with the artificial canal and also the gondola with an artificial sky. The field of gambling is very broad, with thousands of hotel rooms.

Satisfied with the hustle and bustle at the venue, your exciting night is not over yet. Now is the time to speak up at Macau’s hippest club. In the city center area there are famous clubs like Maccau’s Fisherman’s Wharf and there is also the AIA Tower.

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