Addiction to Online Togel Sites Causes Psychological Disorders

addiction to Online Togel – Now people think that gambling is a fun activity. For example, gambling is like buying lottery numbers from lottery. If you win the lottery numbers, you will get big profits. So that you can get rich suddenly in just one night.

If you buy lottery continuously, it can be considered as having a psychological disorder. As a result, they are willing to use all means to get money for ServerQiu. Initially dreamed of becoming a rich man and finally all the money was used for betting.

In essence, gambling addiction does not only make psychological health disturbed. But also the health condition of the body is declining and the economic situation is deteriorating.

Addiction to Online Togel Sites Cause Psychological Disorders

Addiction to Online Togel Sites Causes Psychological Disorders

According to the Indonesian Doctors Association, the number of complaints from Indonesians who are affected by psychological disorders always increases every year. In fact, the percentage increase reached about 25% within one year.

Launching from, said that in the past 5 years there have been many gambling sites visited by the British public. In addition, many people also make complaints to The National Gambling Helpline. An online complaint site about mental disorders experienced by gamblers.

About 50% of the complainants said they experienced mental health problems for 1 week due to losing gambling. The mental condition of the patients is in the category of worrying.

Tim Miller, executive director of The National Gambling Helpline said that many people want to be free from the world of gambling. To be free from gambling, they must get support from their closest people and access to psychology. For example, psychological assistance facilities, complaints, medicines, and support from friends or family.

However, there is a need for early prevention of the British public from mental disorders after gambling. For now, the effective way is to release a policy so that gambling game companies are right on target in finding players. This includes informing players about losses and various disorders due to gambling addiction.

Companies or bookies are also expected to be able to follow up on the dangers of gambling for minors. The trick is to do an age limit to access online gambling sites such as lottery. Age restrictions are considered more effective because they see the identity of members or players on gambling sites.

The online gambling industry is growing rapidly in various countries. Moreover, it is supported by advances in technology and the internet. There are many features that help people to easily reach gambling games. One of them is the download feature on the Google Playstore to upload online gambling apps.

British Media Report

One of the media in the UK (2015) reported that the online gambling industry in his country made fantastic profits. Every year the bookies manage to earn a net income of £14 billion.

In addition, the percentage of gambling players also continues to increase every year. Based on the results of research from NGOs, it was found that around 430 thousand people were addicted to online gambling. Meanwhile, 2 million people are active gambling players who consider online gambling as entertainment.

Teenage gambling players aged 18-25 years amounted to 250 thousand people. The mental state of these young gamblers can encourage them to do reckless things. Such as suicide, robbing, stealing, to cheating.

Gambling in any country has a high risk of ruining someone’s life. In fact, he did not hesitate to make people around him immediately stay away and gambling addicts became a byword. / Dy

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