A Plague Tale Innocence Review, Inspired Story In The Middle Of An Unexpected Sea Of Rats

A Plague Tale Innocence review can be an option for those of you who are looking for review of a different game experience than usual. Even though this game doesn’t have massive marketing, it still attracts the attention of gamers. Especially if you are a beginner or veteran in adventure games, then this game will be a separate remedy to overcome the thirst for a tense atmosphere.

A Plague Tale Innocence Review Comes With A Stunning Stage Story Of The Struggle Of Two Brothers

A Plague Tale Innocence Review Comes With A Stunning Stage Story Of The Struggle Of Two Brothers

A Plague Tal: Innocence review tells a story like no other. In this game, you will enjoy an exciting adventure through the story of the plague that took human lives. In 1347, long before the bubonic plague could be handled, an epidemic known as the blackdeath hit Europe.

This epidemic managed to kill hundreds of millions of people who have it. The plague caused by the Yersinia Pestis bacteria was spread by black mice. So that the black mouse will be the main frightening enemy in this game.

When the plague occurred, the church was still upholding the supreme law. Through this power, churches decide that whatever they think is wrong should be punished without thinking about the existing humanity. This turned out to have a major influence on existing human life. Long story short, a 15-year-old daughter of French aristocratic descent named Amicia De Rune was entrusted by her mother to take care of her little sister Hugo.

Why did this young girl have such a heavy responsibility? This was because his household was being attacked and massacred by the Inquisition or by church troops. Because of this incident, their father became a victim.

Amicia’s responsibility is getting heavier because Hugo is suffering from a disease. Her body was so sickly that she rarely saw the outside world. Thanks to her illness, Amicia had to see a doctor named Laurentius to find an antidote for something that was eating away at her body.

This is where the adventure story begins. The two brothers will go on a challenging journey to defend their lives from the disease that continues to eat away at their bodies. The two of them must pass through the sea of ​​bloodthirsty black rats and the invasion of the Inquisition forces that want them.

This adventure will make your game feel so gripping and enchanting at the same time. As a character controller, you must be able to pass all the challenges that exist. Your struggle will feel so exciting and hard to forget.

Narrations About Puzzle And Stealth Full Gameplay In A Plague Tale Innocence Review

When reading A Plague Tale Innocence review, you will find a setting that feels so gloomy. The mice that you have to avoid is not the main problem you have to face, because you also have to go sneaking past the existing Inquisition army so as not to kill you. Even though it looks simple, the sensation it presents can create a tense atmosphere.

In this game, you will have a variety of weapons ranging from stones, catapults, and alchemy. You will use all of these weapons to get past, trick, and even kill the enemy using whatever you come across. Nearly 90% of the gameplay presented is puzzle and stealth. You must be able to combine all available methods to be safe from obstacles.

A Plague Tale Innocence review tells you that there are various kinds of puzzles that you must solve. The puzzles that are presented in the game have a difficulty level that continues to increase as the story progresses. You also have to be able to make decisions quickly in several sessions. If you can’t solve the existing puzzle, then you have to repeat it. So don’t be surprised if you will repeat a few times just to solve a puzzle.

A gameplay that looks simple turns out to have a fairly high level of difficulty. You have to be able to avoid creepy mice by using the available light. Why is it light? Because this sea of ​​black rats is very afraid of the light. By lighting a fire, carrying a torch, or running away from dark places are the ways you can do to reach the end of this game.

Find Excited Visuals in a Plague Tale Innocence Review

A beautiful art presented by Asobo will amaze every eye. A very neat and beautiful visual appearance can present a creepy impression at the same time. Scenes created using intense colour manage to remain flawlessly balanced. With existing technology, you will feel an atmosphere that can give you goosebumps.

The rates shown are so alive that you will feel both horror and disgust at the same time. Especially when you reach the rat nest filled with rotting corpses, you will feel as if you are smelling the smell. The details of the characters show happy, peaceful and gloomy emotions in a way that feels unique. The atmosphere of fear, terror and horror of the plague was conveyed very well.

Through A Plague Tale: Innocence review, you will find out that the visuals are supported by the right audio. The music is presented with a great atmosphere, so your gaming experience will be even more thrilling. Besides, you will also enjoy music that can give a sad and sad effect experienced by a character who is struggling to save his younger brother.

All of that is supported by perfect voice acting. You can choose the various languages ​​provided. Interestingly, whatever language you choose, the characters will move their lips according to the sound that comes out. So that the appearance of this game feels more alive than the original.

Game Details

Developer: Asobo Studio
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date: May 14, 2019
Price: $ 26.72 at Amazon
Links: https://www.focus-home.com/en-us/games/a-plague-tale-innocence

-Emotional story
-Interesting characters are hard to forget
-There are challenging puzzles
-Perfect mix of visuals and audio
-Enemy mice that build a creepy atmosphere

-Supporting characters are less explored
-AI is less logical
-The antagonist is not challenging



A Plague Tale Innocence review is here as an option for those of you who want to learn the game with a beautiful world atmosphere. In this game, you will find scary nuances that are beautifully presented through the characters in the story of the relationship between Amicia and Hugo, which is full of sadness and touching.

Complete with a pounding effect, this game manages to bring the super epic theme and atmosphere it has provided. You will have an unforgettable playing experience with this game. The immersive story, gloomy themes, lovable characters, European history in beautiful artwork and challenging puzzles will give a special feel. Play and enjoy the adventure!